Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Use A Fishing Guide Service?

We’ve been out having a blast catching all this salmon and steelhead for October! So far, we’ve had no trouble with our customers reaching their limit in lakes all over northern California on a regular basis.
Recently, someone asked me why they should go with a fishing guide service instead of just doing it on their own. What a great question!

After researching the opinions of others and knowing how I felt on the matter, I made up a list of reasons why you shouldn’t go it alone:

·         You’d be missing out on a LICENSED captain that is trained with extensive knowledge when it comes to boat handling skills, premium fishing spots, use of electronics and expertise in tying rigs and knots
·         Having the right boat. A boat that is over 25 feet with a good engine and a cooler are important to your enjoyment while you’re fishing. This is an expense you can avoid all together with a guide service.
·         Good fishing gear and equipment that has been well maintained and cleaned
·         With gas prices going up, the price of a guide service usually includes the gas which would be another expense that can get out of hand quickly.
·         Guaranteed standard of safety, life jackets, first aid kits and flares on hand.
·         Top of the line tackle and high quality bait specific to season (we have our reputation to uphold as well, so we want to see you succeed!).
·         Ready to cook fish preparation and cleaning
·         The experience, techniques and methods of someone who has been fishing their whole life that is willing to guide you in the right direction
·         Company, should you want it. We know sometimes you want to fish to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We’ll be your partner in crime or your silent accomplice depending on what you want.

It is clear to me after creating this list that seeking out a qualified guide service is a no brainer investment as opposed to putting your investment of time, money and potential to catch on the line.
Call us today to get your low and competitive rate and to plan your next excursion out on the water. We’ve got the boat stocked and ready to go! (530) 632-6294

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